Disadvantages To Being Overweight

Americans continue to gain weight and run unnecessary health risks. The past several decades have brought marked increases in the intake of fast foods, sedentariness, job stress, and squeezed schedules. Many people accept carrying around an extra 30 pounds as normal, and diabetes and other illnesses that accompany obesity are prevalent.

Mortality experts project that today’s chubby children will live shorter lives than their parents.

Pointing out some of the disadvantages to being overweight might help some sufferers get off the dime.

Difficulties in Breathing

Many weighty people struggle to breathe. Excess fat restricts the expansion of the rib cage and leaves less space for the diaphragm to move downward as it should. In addition, the lungs provide extra storage places for some of the fat, and that reduces the exchange of oxygen.

Walking is an Battle

Most heavy people are reluctant walkers. Imagine carrying a sack of potatoes around with you all day! Extra weight contributes to the breakdown of hips, knees, and feet. Some experts claim that obesity is one cause of osteoarthritis, stating that extra fats have a hand in the degeneration of cartilage in the joints.

Heart disease is common

Overweight people have heightened incidences of heart disease and strokes. Overweight conditions cause stoppage, clogging, congestion, and obstruction. Extra fat puts pressure on the heart, lungs, and other internal organs and robs energy and life quality in a number of ways. Even on the lighter end of obesity, the danger is real.

Back pain is Common

Proportionally greater numbers of heavy people suffer from chronic back ailments. Extra weight stresses the back more than is desirable for maintaining fluid, pain-free movement. Chiropractors and physicians who deal with back ailments consistently recommend losing weight and tightening stomach muscles.

Diabetes is a near certainty

An epidemic of type-2 diabetes has already begun in the World, and experts expect it to get worse. Obesity and lack of exercise directly contribute to contracting this condition. Once diagnosed with diabetes, the diabetic’s life is forever altered. This risk alone should provide sufficient incentive to lose weight. (Click Here to know more about Diabetes)

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